best pool service in bowling green


  • Spring openings and Winter closings
  • Specializing in custom liner replacements
  • Custom in ground pool design and installation
  • Pump & filter repairs or replacements
  • Creation of complete Pool and Spa living areas
  • Weekly pool maintenance (also bi-montly or customized programs)
  • Repairs on all brands of pool equipment
  • Commercial pool and spa repair
  • Repairs on Hot Springs & Marquis brands of spa or hot tub
  • Over 30 years of experience in design and installation work
  • Pool inspections for new time buyers


Opening Includes:

1. Removal and Cleaning of winter cover.

2. Application of oxidizer (Shock) and algaecide.

3. Installation of deck equipment and accessories

4. Visual inspection of pumps, filters, plumbing, heater, etc.

5. Vacuum and brushing of pool. **(See Notes Below)

6. Free water chemistry analysis. (Brought in by customer 48 Hours after opening)

7. Soft Swim/Baquacil or Mineral Springs chemicals added at additional cost. 

►Pool cover and winter accessories will be left poolside unless otherwise instructed by pool owner.◄

If water is dirty (Unclear/Cloudy), Aqualand cannot ensure a debris free pool. In these cases, BLIND vacuums are performed in an attempt to remove excess debris. If needed, return trips can be performed at our normal service rate.



Closing Includes:

1. Vacuuming the pool to waste, clean tile/coping.

2. Lowering water to bottom of skimmer.

3. Removing equipment, lubrication of wedge bolts.

4. Application of the appropriate chemicals. (It is the customers responsibility to have the pool balanced)**

5. Blowing out lines and adding antifreeze, install gizmo

6. Removing sight glass, plugs, pressure gauge, etc., and leaving in pump basket. Storing equipment where told.

7. Draining of heater.

8. Installing winter cover.

►Pool cover and winter accessories to be available by poolside unless otherwise instructed by pool owner.◄

If water is dirty (Unclear/Cloudy), Aqualand can not ensure a debris free pool. Water chemistry is to be balanced prior to service being performed. It is not Aqualand’s responsibility to resolve water issues the day of service. There is no guarantee that the pool is going to be clear next spring.